Sophia C Karastogianni

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A highly selective sequential injection (SI) method for the automated determination of weak-acid-dissociable cyanides is reported. The analytical procedure is based on the on-line reaction of the analyte with ninhydrin in carbonate medium to form a coloured product (lambda(max)=510 nm). Cyanides are removed from sample matrix by acidification through a(More)
The mononuclear complex [Mn(thiophenyl-2-carboxylate)(2)(H(3)tea)] (1), where H(3)tea=triethanolamine has been synthesized, characterized, while the DNA binding properties and the antioxidant activity were studied. The crystal structure of 1 is also reported. The interaction between 1 and calf thymus double stranded (ds) DNA was electrochemically at a calf(More)
Investigation of the electrochemical behavior using cyclic voltammetry and detection of [Mn(2+)(thiophenyl-2-carboxylic acid)2 (triethanolamine)] with adsorptive stripping differential pulse voltammetry. The electrochemical behavior of a manganese(II) complex [Mn(2+)(thiophenyl-2-carboxylic acid)2(triethanolamine)] (A) was investigated using cyclic and(More)
The data reported in literature demonstrate that carbon paste electrodes (CPEs) are very suitable for a variety of applications and many works have thus been devoted in the development of new sensitive and selective electrode surfaces based on carbon paste as the electrode material of choice. The application of novel and promising carbonaceous materials, as(More)
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