Sophelia H S Chan

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A young girl with antibodies to the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor presented with a clinical syndrome suggestive of dyskinetic encephalitis lethargica with neuropsychiatric features at presentation, movement disorder, mutism, sleep disorder, and seizures. Persistent lesions in the white matter and pons were observed in magnetic resonance imaging of the(More)
Analyzing the type and frequency of patient-specific mutations that give rise to Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is an invaluable tool for diagnostics, basic scientific research, trial planning, and improved clinical care. Locus-specific databases allow for the collection, organization, storage, and analysis of genetic variants of disease. Here, we(More)
Congenital myasthenic syndrome caused by endplate acetylcholinesterase deficiency constitutes a rare autosomal recessive disease. We describe a child with early-onset ptosis, complete ophthalmoplegia, facial and proximal muscle weakness, easy fatigability, a decremental electromyographic response, and a repetitive compound muscle action potential not(More)
We report an eleven year old girl with early motor difficulties initially diagnosed with a peripheral neuropathy in another hospital based on abnormal electrophysiological findings. Our clinical assessment did not highlight obvious clinical features supporting a peripheral neuropathy but evidence of mild proximal weakness. Electrophysiological studies(More)
We report a young boy who presented with progressive weakness of lower extremities associated with areflexia and abnormal electrophysiological findings initially suggestive of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Initial lumbosacral spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed thickened descending spinal nerve roots only. Immunomodulating(More)
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