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We propose an approximate approach for estimating the performance measures of the re-entrant line with single-job machines and batch machines based on the mean value analysis (MVA) technique. Multi-class jobs are assumed to be processed in predetermined routings, in which some processes may utilize the same machines in the re-entrant fashion. The(More)
Mechanical compliance is emerging as an important environmental cue that can influence certain cell behaviors, such as morphology and motility. Recent in vitro studies have shown that cells preferentially migrate from less stiff to more stiff substrates; however, much of this phenomenon, termed durotaxis, remains ill-defined. To address this problem, we(More)
We examine the relationships of three variables (projected area, migration speed, and traction force) at various type I collagen surface densities in a population of fibroblasts. We observe that cell area is initially an increasing function of ligand density, but that above a certain transition level, increases in surface collagen cause cell area to(More)
Collaborative filtering based on voting scores has been known to be the most successful recommendation technique and has been used in a number of different applications. However, since voting scores are not easily available, similar techniques should be needed for the market basket data in the form of binary user-item matrix. We viewed this problem as a(More)
—In this paper, we propose an efficient cooperative diversity scheme for mobile satellite multimedia broadcasting systems. The proposed scheme is a transmit diversity technique to adapt different channel environments, and thus we do not need any channel quality information from the return link. In the proposed scheme, we utilize space-time block coding(More)
activities including riparian buffer characterization, wildfire risk assessment. biodiversity monitoring, and wildlife habitat assessment. Intensity data recorded for each laser point in a LIDAR system is related to the spectral reflectance of the target material and thus may be useful for differentiating materials and ultimately tree species. The aim of(More)
SUMMARY Future mobile networks are expected to involve systems that are based on different technologies, such as WiFi, WiMAX, 2G/3G/3G1, LTE, and satellite. To address this scenario, ITU has defined integrated and hybrid networks in the framework of Next-Generation Networks. The interest is to exploit the cooperation of different wireless communication(More)