Soosan Beheshti

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Two promising classes of techniques are developed for eecient m ultiuser detection in code-division multiple-access CDMA communication systems subject to fading due to time-varying multipath propagation. Both are designed to jointly suppress both intersymbol and multiple-access interference inherent in such systems, and exploit all available time and(More)
— A denoising technique based on noise invalidation is proposed. The adaptive approach derives a noise signature from the noise order statistics and utilizes the signature to denoise the data. The novelty of this approach is in presenting a general-purpose denoising in the sense that it does not need to employ any particular assumption on the structure of(More)
Hyperspectral image analysis has been subjected to many improvements made in past decade. Yet the accurate estimation of dimensionality is still a challenge. Since dimension estimation of the Hyperspectral data is the first step in analysis of an image, the accuracy of analysis results highly depends on the accuracy of the dimension estimation step. Mostly,(More)