Soonwoo Choi

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A multi-core platform for high-performance video applications is proposed that contains multiple RISC clusters. Each cluster, which contains up to four cores and exploits thread-level parallelism, is allocated for a function block and connected to other clusters through two communication networks: one for control transfer and the other for data transfer. As(More)
HD video applications can be represented with multiple tasks consisting of tightly coupled multiple threads. Each task requires massive computation, and their communication can be categorized as asynchronous distributed small data and large streaming data transfers. In this paper, we propose a high performance programmable video platform that consists of(More)
In this paper, we propose the design methodology for communication channel templates from formal specification to RTL description. In this flow, design and verification start from one source, LTL property. We constructed LTL-to-TRS, which is translator from LTL property sets to Bluespec term-rewriting system (TRS) description. And, we use a Bluespec(More)
Test bitstreams are more efficient in testing the video decoders if its bitstream length is shorter while its test coverage is higher. In this paper, a new method to generate efficient bitstreams for functional tests of video decoders is proposed, which also can find and fill up coverage holes. The proposed method employs an n-way covering combinatorial(More)
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