Soonkoo Lee

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BACKGROUND Lewy body in the substantia nigra is a cardinal pathological feature of Parkinson's disease. Despite enormous efforts, the cause-and-effect relationship between Lewy body formation and the disorder is yet to be explicitly unveiled. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Here, we showed that radiating amyloid fibrils (RAFs) were instantly developed on(More)
Elucidation of molecular assembly mechanism of protein-based suprastructure formation is pivotal to develop biomaterials. A single amyloidogenic protein of alpha-synuclein turned into two morphologically distinctive amyloid fibrils - 'curly' (CAF) vs. 'straight' (SAF) - depending on its fibrillation processes. Mutually exclusive production of CAF and SAF(More)
Molecular-level storage of environmental information in biological structures in tangible forms, and their subsequent transfer to the next generation, has been studied using the phenomenon of amyloidogenesis, which defines a biochemical condition generating highly ordered protein aggregates known as amyloid fibrils. α-Synuclein oligomers shown to experience(More)
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