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The effect of [10]-gingerol on cytosol free Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) and viability is large unknown. This study examines the early signaling effects of [10]-gingerol on human colorectal cancer cells. It was found that this compound caused a slow and sustained rise of [Ca(2+)](i) in a concentration-dependent manner. [10]-Gingerol also induced a(More)
Diallyl disulfide (DADS), one of the major organosulfur compounds of garlic, is recognized as a group of potential chemopreventive compounds. In this study, we examines the early signaling effects of DADS on human colorectal cancer cells SW480 loaded with Ca2+-sensitive dye fura-2. It was found that DADS caused an immediate and sustained rise of [Ca2+]i in(More)
Low-power laser irradiation (LPLI) is a non-invasive and safe method for cancer treatment that alters a variety of physiological processes in the cells. Autophagy can play either a cytoprotective role or a detrimental role in cancer cells exposed to stress. The detailed mechanisms of autophagy and its role on cytotoxicity in oral cancer cells exposed to(More)
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