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MOTIVATION Histone modifications regulate chromatin structure and gene expression. Although nucleosome formation is known to be affected by primary DNA sequence composition, no sequence signature has been identified for histone modifications. It is known that dense H3K4me3 nucleosome sites are accompanied by a low density of other nucleosomes and are(More)
A bucket brigade strategy allows workloads in warehouses to be distributed with a minimal level of managerial planning and oversight. However, the variability and uncertainty of the pick locations within a particular order or batch often results in picker blocking and subsequent losses in productivity. This study formulates an order batching model for(More)
Understanding gene regulatory information in DNA remains a significant challenge in biomedical research. This study presents a computational approach to infer gene regulatory programs from primary DNA sequences. Using DNA around transcription start sites as attributes, our model predicts gene regulation in the gene. We find that H3K27ac around TSS is an(More)
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