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A Multiplicity of Coactivators Is Required by Gcn4p at Individual Promoters In Vivo
A comprehensive analysis of viable mutants affecting known coactivator subunits from the Saccharomyces Genome Deletion Project for defects in activation by Gcn4p in vivo confirms previous findings that Gcn 4p requires SAGA, SWI/SNF, and SRB mediator and identifies key nonessential subunits of these complexes required for activation.
Recruitment of the ArgR/Mcm1p repressor is stimulated by the activator Gcn4p: a self-checking activation mechanism.
It is shown that all four subunits of the arginine repressor are recruited to ARG1 by Gcn4p by recruiting an Mcm1p/Arg80p heterodimer and that efficient assembly of a functional repressor also containing Arg81p and Arg82p occurs only inArginine excess.
Activator Gcn4p and Cyc8p/Tup1p Are Interdependent for Promoter Occupancy at ARG1 In Vivo
A novel coactivator function for Cyc8p/Tup1p at the level of activator binding is revealed and it is suggested that Gcn4p may enhance its own binding to the upstream activation sequence (UAS).
Disrupting Vesicular Trafficking at the Endosome Attenuates Transcriptional Activation by Gcn4
It appears that decreasing cargo proteins in the MVB through impaired delivery or enhanced degradation, and not merely the failure to transport cargo properly to the vacuole or downregulate plasma membrane proteins by endocytosis, is required to attenuate substantially transcriptional activation by Gcn4.
Transformation and laccase mutant isolation in Coprinus congregatus by restriction enzyme-mediated integration
Transformation to phosphinothricin resistance in C. congregatus was carried out successfully by restriction enzyme-mediated integration and transformants showed identical electrophoretic banding patterns but CL1430b had a faster moving band when analyzed by native PAGE.
Antibacterial activity of recombinant hCAP18/LL37 protein secreted from Pichia pastoris
The yeast secreted expression system can be used as a production tool of antimicrobial peptides for industrial or pharmaceutical application and its antibacterial activity was tested against pathogenic bacteria.
Effect of Hesperidin Supplementation on Lipid and Antioxidant Metabolism in Ethanol-fed Rats
This study examined the effect of hesperidin supplementation with an ethanol diet on lipid and antioxidant metabolism in rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into two groups (n=10), and were
Histone deacetylase inhibitor scriptaid induces cell cycle arrest and epigenetic change in colon cancer cells.
The present study suggests that scriptaid may be effective in growth suppression and cell cycle arrest and in the reversal of repressive chromatin marks at the promoter region of a hypermethylated p16 gene in colorectal cancer.