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We propose methods of enhancing pinhole-type integral imaging ray density, resolution, and expressible depth range using a color filter pinhole array on a liquid crystal display panel with a projection scheme. A color filter structure on a liquid crystal display panel acts as pinhole array in integral imaging with separation of color channels. In(More)
Novel mmWave-based multi-spot beam cellular system was introduced as one of means to satisfy the capacity requirement of 5G mobile communications. Its structural characteristic was that the service area of base station was covered with spot beams formed by many beamforming antennas, and one beam can be composed of multiple beam component carriers (BCCs)(More)
Standalone and centralized mmWave-based multi-spot beam cellular architecture is newly introduced in this paper. This system has two main characteristics. Firstly, it is independently operated without any other system's help compared with dual connectivity discussed in 3th generation partnership project (3GPP) Release 12 small cell environment (standalone(More)
We propose a depth-fused display (DFD) with enhanced viewing characteristics by hybridizing the depth-fusing technology with another three-dimensional display method such as multi-view or integral imaging method. With hybridization, the viewing angle and expressible depth range can be extended without changing the size of the volume of the system compared(More)
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