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A water extract of Panax notoginseng Buck F.H. Chen. (Arialiaceae) root (PN) is being used as a therapeutic agent to stop haemorrhages and as a tonic to promote health in Korean and Chinese medicine. The pharmacokinetic profiles of PN have not been accurately investigated. The preliminary aim was to elucidate the pharmacokinetic features of PN. First, the(More)
We propose a new method for implementing 3D/2D convertible feature in the projection-type integral imaging by using concave half mirror array. The concave half mirror array has the partially reflective characteristic to the incident light. And the reflected term is modulated by the concave mirror array structure, while the transmitted term is unaffected.(More)
A new integral imaging system is proposed that uses a dual-mode technique, in which the elemental lens of the lens array is used not only as a convex lens but also as a convex mirror. The integral imaging system using dual modes can represent the real and the virtual integrated images simultaneously with improved viewing parameters. The lens array coated(More)
We propose methods of enhancing pinhole-type integral imaging ray density, resolution, and expressible depth range using a color filter pinhole array on a liquid crystal display panel with a projection scheme. A color filter structure on a liquid crystal display panel acts as pinhole array in integral imaging with separation of color channels. In(More)
We propose a polarization distributed depth map (PDDM) which can be used in a depth-fused three-dimensional (DFD) display. PDDM is obtained from a conventional depth map using a polarization switching device and shows different polarization states for each pixel depending on the depth position of corresponding pixel. The proposed DFD system using PDDM is(More)
We propose a see-through multi-projection three-dimensional (3D) display using a transparent anisotropic diffuser. By immersing a metal-coated anisotropic diffuser into index matching oil which has the same refractive index of anisotropic diffuser, a transparent anisotropic diffuser is implemented. The reflectance of the transparent anisotropic diffuser is(More)
A projection-type integral imaging system is proposed using multiple elemental image layers obtained from a single projector. In a conventional projection-type integral imaging system, only one display mode among real, virtual, and focused modes can be displayed selectively with a single projector. Plural projectors must be used for the generation of(More)
We propose a hogel overlapping method for the holographic printer to enhance the lateral resolution of holographic stereograms. The hogel size is directly related to the lateral resolution of the holographic stereogram. Our analysis by computer simulation shows that there is a limit to decreasing the hogel size while printing holographic stereograms.(More)
We propose a long-range three-dimensional (3D) display using a collimated optics with multi-plane configuration. By using a spherical screen and a collimating lens, users observe the collimated image on the spherical screen, which simulates an image plane located at optical infinity. By combining and modulating overlapped multi-plane images, the observed(More)
A computational multi-projection display is proposed by employing a multi-projection system combining with compressive light field displays. By modulating the intensity of light rays from a spatial light modulator inside a single projector, the proposed system can offer several compact views to observer. Since light rays are spread to all directions, the(More)