Soon-Young Park

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In this paper, we describe a segmentation method for brain MR images using an ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm. This is a relatively new meta-heuristic algorithm and a successful paradigm of all the algorithms which take advantage of the insect’s behavior. It has been applied to solve many optimization problems with good discretion, parallel,(More)
This paper presents a method for estimating the signal frequency of sampled sinusoidal signals, which does not require any iteration for the frequency search. A noniterative method of frequency estimation was already developed by Zhang , where an analytical expression for the signal frequency is obtained using the differences between the neighboring input(More)
Methods to Detect Road Features for Video-Based InVehicle Navigation Systems Kyoung-Ho Choi a , Soon-Young Park a , Seong-Hoon Kim b , Ki-Sung Lee c , Jeong-Ho Park d , Seong-Ik Cho d & Jong-Hyun Park d a Mokpo National University , Mokpo, Korea b Eyenix Co., Ltd. , Suwon, Korea c Korea University, College of Health Science , Seoul, Korea d Electronics(More)
Though the G(1) checkpoint in mammalian cells has been known for decades, the molecular targets that prevent S-phase entry remain unknown. Mimosine is a rare plant amino acid that arrests the cell cycle in the G(1) phase before entry into S phase. Here, we show that mimosine interrupts the binding of Ctf4 to chromatin, which is essential for the initiation(More)
This paper introduces an emotion interaction system for a service robot. The purpose of emotion interaction systems in service robots is to make people feel that the robot is not a mere machine, but reliable living assistant in the home. The emotion interaction system is composed of the emotion recognition, generation, and expression systems. A user's(More)
Though RecQL4 was shown to be essential for the initiation of DNA replication in mammalian cells, its role in initiation is poorly understood. Here, we show that RecQL4 is required for the origin binding of Mcm10 and Ctf4, and their physical interactions and association with replication origins are controlled by the concerted action of both CDK and DDK(More)
In this paper, we propose an unsupervised segmentation algorithm for color images based on Gaussian mixture models (GMMs). The number of mixture components is determined automatically by adaptive mean shift, in which local clusters are estimated by repeatedly searching for higher density points in feature vector space. For the estimation of parameters of(More)