Soon Oh Park

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Bulked segregant analysis was utilized to identify random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers linked to genes for specific resistance to a rust pathotype and indeterminate growth habit in an F2 population from the common bean cross PC-50 (resistant to rust and determinate growth habit) × Chichara 83-109 (susceptible to rust and indeterminate growth(More)
Bean seed weight and shape are important traits of different market bean classes. One of the first associations found between a genetic marker and a quantitative trait was reported by Sax ( 1923) for the relationship between seed pigmentation {P gene) and seed weight in common bean. More recently three types of molecular markers have been used to study the(More)
Rail terminals in port container terminals play an important role for transshipping containers between rail wagons and port container terminals. This paper addresses a case study for designing a new rail terminal which is planned to be constructed in a port container terminal. A design process including an analytical calculation and a simulation study was(More)
This paper proposes the source location estimation technique with the modulated scattering technique (MST) for indoor wireless environments. The uniform circular scatterer array (UCSA) that consist of five optically modulated scatterers as array elements and a dipole antenna at the center of the UCSA is employed for estimating a source location from the(More)
Bean seed weight and shape are importât traits of différent market bean classes. The former is also an important component of yield. Bean seed weight was negatively correlated with yield (White et al., 1992). Quantitative inheritance patterns of seed weight were reported by Sax (1923) and Vallejos and Chase (1991). Quantitative inheritance patterns of bean(More)
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