Soon Heung Chang

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Absfracf-We present the feasibility study of multiple alarm processing and diagnosis using neural networks. The back-propagation network (BPN) algorithm is applied to the training of multiple alarm patterns for the identification of faults in a reactor coolant pump (RCP) system. The general mapping capability of the neural network enables to identify a(More)
As one of the promising energy sources for the next few decades, nuclear energy receives more attention than before as environmental issues become more important and the supply of fossil fuels becomes unstable. One of the reasons for this attention is based on the rapid innovation of nuclear technology which solves many of its technological constraints and(More)
An intelligent human-machine interface (HMI) has been developed to enhance the safety and availability of a nuclear power plant (NPP) by improving operational reliability. The key elements of the proposed HMI are the large display panels that present synopsis of the plant status and the compact, digital workstations for monitoring, control, and protection(More)
Memory is one of brain processes that are important when trying to understand how people process information. Although a large number of studies have been made on the human performance, little is known about the similarity effect in human performance. The purpose of this paper is to propose and validate the quantitative and predictive model on the human(More)
The enhancement of efficiency is world-wide trend to survive under intense competition. In recent years, the efficiency in the power industry is also one of the important topics. In case of nuclear power plants(NPPs), the period and quality of maintenance is an especially important factor to increase efficiency as well as availability. Therefore, the(More)
The UAE has started a nuclear energy program with the aim of having its first four units on-line between 2017 and 2020 and it is important that the country has an environmental radiation analysis capability to support this program. Khalifa University is therefore implementing a research laboratory to support both experimental analysis and radionuclide(More)
A two-phase flow experiment using air and water-based γ-Al2O3 nanofluid was conducted to observe the basic hydraulic phenomenon of nanofluids. The local two-phase flow parameters were measured with a conductivity double-sensor two-phase void meter. The void fraction, interfacial velocity, interfacial area concentration, and mean bubble diameter were(More)