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In this paper, we propose a Sensing Resolution-based Energy Efficient (SREE) communication protocol for wireless sensor networks. SREE is intended for meeting the application's sensing objectives, where sensor nodes are densely deployed and have the determinate accuracy requirement. The primary contribution of this paper is active group head node selection(More)
The intersection of mobile applications and computing with the promising concept of cloud computing resulted in the birth of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). MCC has emerged as a remarkable milestone for global mobile services. Enriching its efficiency and productivity to many dimensions, MCC serves a unique blend of mobile computing and cloud computing(More)
Wireless personal area networks (WPANs) are formed in a relatively small area, and coordinator that serves as a central control device plays an important role in the operation and organization of a piconet. Typical applications of WPANs include home automation systems, security systems and health monitoring systems. In these types of systems, guaranteeing(More)
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