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A general linear model is presented here for biological and cultural inheritance involving ten parameters to be estimated from 16 correlations in nuclear families, providing ample degrees of freedom to test goodness of fit. Applied to six lipoprotein traits the model fits acceptably to all, although there is evidence of transient maternal effects for(More)
Analysis of family resemblance is developed in terms of three genetic parameters, six parameters for cultural inheritance, and one parameter for an index estimating family environment. With efficient use of nuclear families the model is fully determinate. Other biological and social relationship provide additional degrees of freedom for testing goodness of(More)
Assuming a perfect correspondence between the site of crossing-over and an observed chiasma, data on meiosis in the human male are used to estimate a mapping parameter which on average turns out to be intermediate between the Kosambi and Carter-Falconer values, but smaller for acrocentrics. A table is given for converting recombination frequencies to map(More)
Thirteen loci are mapped on chromosome 1 from genetic evidence. The maximum likelihood map presented permits confirmation that Scianna (SC) and a fourteenth locus, phenylketonuria (PKU), are on chromosome 1, although the location of the latter on the PGM1-AMY segment is uncertain. Eight other controversial genetic assignments are rejected, providing a(More)
The genetic map of chromosome 1 reported by Keats, Morton & Rao (1981) has been updated using recent recombination data and regional assignments from the Galton Laboratory (King, 1982a) and from the current literature. A maximum likelihood mapping technique using pairwise recombination data without a chiasma map was developed, based on the principles of Rao(More)
Sib correlations for height and weight decrease with absolute age difference. Parent-child correlations increase with age of child, with greater resemblance to the mother than the father. Estimates of the relative variance due to common environment are greater, and heritability estimates less, than for earlier studies. Heritability is less for adults than(More)