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Malaria that is caused by Plasmodium vivax is the most widely distributed human malaria. Its recent resurgence in many parts of the world, including the Republic of Korea (ROK), emphasizes the importance of improved access to the early and accurate detection of P. vivax to reduce disease burden. In this study, a rapid and efficient loop-mediated isothermal(More)
Chloroquine has been used massively for vivax malaria prophylaxis and treatment in the Republic of Korea (ROK) military personnel from 1997. Although prophylaxis is generally regarded as successful among ROK military, prophylaxis failure has been repeatedly reported. Before the prophylaxis program was started on July 4th 2011, which was completed on October(More)
Chloroquine has been administered to the soldiers of the Republic of Korea as prophylaxis against vivax malaria. Recent increase in the number of chloroquine-resistant parasites has raised concern over the chemoprophylaxis and treatment of vivax malaria. To monitor the development of chloroquine-resistant parasites in the Republic of Korea, analyses of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if monthly ivermectin was efficacious in reducing the observed incidence of eyeworms over a period of 2 months as compared with normal husbandry practices in a population of Republic of Korea Army military working dogs (MWDs). METHODS Prospective observation of 114 German Shepherd MWDs in a randomized, double-blind, controlled(More)
Allelic diversity leading to multiple gene polymorphisms of vivax malaria parasites has been shown to greatly contribute to antigenic variation and drug resistance, increasing the potential for multiple-clone infections within the host. Therefore, to identify multiple-clone infections and the predominant haplotype of Plasmodium vivax in a South Korean(More)
Variant surface antigens (VSAs) encoded by pir families are considered to be the key proteins used by many Plasmodium spp. to escape the host immune system by antigenic variation. This attribute of VSAs is a critical issue in the development of a novel vaccine. In this regard, a population genetic study of vir genes from Plasmodium vivax was performed in(More)
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