Sook-hee Song

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OBJECTIVE The association of human immunodeficiency virus with a clinical picture of motor neuron disease is uncommon, with three cases reported to date. This case represents an additional case of a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient with apparent motor neuron disease. DESIGN Single patient case report. SETTING Large urban public hospital. (More)
Intraneural perineurioma is a rare tumour that affects peripheral nerves and, based on its histological features, may be confused with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies. Detailed neuropathology, including immunoperoxidase stains and electron microscopy, is vital to distinguish these conditions. We report two patients with intraneural perineurioma(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) has a high mortality rate and pandemic potential. However, the neurological manifestations of MERS have rarely been reported since it first emerged in 2012. METHODS We evaluated four patients with laboratory-confirmed MERS coronavirus (CoV) infections who showed neurological complications(More)
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