Sook Ting Lee

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Artemisinin-naphthoquine (ART-NQ) is a fixed-dose coformulated antimalarial therapy recommended as a single-dose treatment and marketed in Papua New Guinea among other tropical countries. We conducted a tolerability, safety, and efficacy study of ART-NQ for Papua New Guinean children aged 5 to 12 years with uncomplicated malaria, comparing single-dose(More)
Artemisinin-naphthoquine (ART-NQ) is a coformulated antimalarial therapy marketed as a single-dose treatment in Papua New Guinea and other tropical countries. To build on limited knowledge of the pharmacokinetic properties of the components, especially the tetra-aminoquinoline NQ, we studied ART-NQ disposition in Papua New Guinea children aged 5 to 12 years(More)
To understand the effect of positioning of patients on intracranial pressure, studies were performed in 30 patients with head injuries severe enough to produce prolonged coma with Glasgow Coma Scale scores less than 8. Intracranial pressure was measured with the patient in four different positions: head at 0 degrees, head down 30 degrees, three fourths(More)
Cerebral edema associated with meningiomas is a rather common phenomenon. A patient with a small meningioma presented with severe cerebral edema, out of proportion to the size of the tumor. During surgery the meningioma was removed and the adjacent edematous brain tissue biopsied. The histopathological study showed conspicuous plasma cell and lymphocyte(More)
The aim of this study is to establish whether tracheobronchial cytology is useful in the diagnosis of inhalation injury. Twenty patients diagnosed to have inhalation injury by existing clinical criteria and 20 control patients were admitted into the study. Bronchoscopy and brush biopsies were carried out. They were then scored using a Total Cellular Score(More)
We report a case of acute intracranial subdural haematoma after lumbar myelography with Iopamidol. The haematoma was successfully treated by emergency craniotomy. The bleeding came from cortical bridging veins as confirmed by surgery. This rare complication should be suspected in patients who complain of prolonged headache or develop a neurological deficit(More)