Sook Namkung

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PURPOSE To compare the efficacy of low-dose and standard-dose computed tomography (CT) for the diagnosis of ureteral stones. MATERIAL AND METHODS Unenhanced helical CT was performed with both a standard dose (260 mAs, pitch 1.5) and a low dose (50 mAs, pitch 1.5) in 121 patients suspected of having acute renal colic. The two studies were prospectively and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy of ferucarbotran in T2-weighted (T2W) fast spin-echo (FSE) and T2*W gradient-echo (GRE) sequences for characterizing focal liver lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 68 patients, 46 malignant and 22 benign focal liver lesions were evaluated. Precontrast (NCE) T2W FSE images and contrast-enhanced (CE) T2W FSE and T2*W GRE(More)
Duplication cysts of the gastrointestinal tract are rare congenital abnormalities. Ectopic gastric mucosa, which can be found in duplications, may cause peptic ulceration, gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation. We report a 1-year-old boy with a perforated ileal duplication cyst with haemorrhagic pseudocyst formation caused by peptic ulceration of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG) of 6-10 mmHg has been accepted as a hemodynamic parameter of stage 1 compensated liver cirrhosis (LC). The diagnostic accuracy of HVPG in the prediction of stage 1 compensated LC has been investigated in patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB). METHODS A total of 219 patients with CHB who underwent HVPG(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid cancer is one of the common head and neck malignancies and may be found incidentally with other head and neck cancers. PURPOSE To evaluate the prevalence and risk of malignancy in incidental thyroid lesions identified by ultrasound (US) in patients with head and neck cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed medical(More)
Phlegmonous enteritis is a rare infective inflammatory disease of the intestine, predominantly involving the submucosal layer. It is difficult to diagnose and often fatal. Its association with alcoholism and various liver diseases, although rarely reported, is well documented. We report a case of phlegmonous enteritis in a male patient with congestive heart(More)
Biliary cystadenoma is a rare cystic neoplasm and constitutes only 5% of all intrahepatic cysts of biliary origin. We report a case of a 44-year-old woman with huge biliary cystadenoma in the subhepatic space, mimicking a cholecystic lymphangioma. Findings of various imaging modalities including reconstructed CT image are presented and correlated with(More)
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