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Constructing a rich and continuous visual experience requires computing specific details across views as well as integrating similarities across views. In this paper, we report functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) evidence that these distinct computations may occur in two scene-sensitive regions in the brain, the parahippocampal place area (PPA) and(More)
Medical cyber-physical systems (MCPS) are lifecritical, context-aware, networked systems of medical devices. These systems are increasingly used in hospitals to provide highquality continuous care for patients. The need to design complex MCPS that are both safe and effective has presented numerous challenges, including achieving high assurance in system(More)
Behavioral and computational studies suggest that visual scene analysis rapidly produces a rich description of both the objects and the spatial layout of surfaces in a scene. However, there is still a large gap in our understanding of how the human brain accomplishes these diverse functions of scene understanding. Here we probe the nature of real-world(More)
Given the requirements for a next-generation PON, the architecture of the system solution must be considered. There are many different systems that can provide the services and system-level features desired for a next generation PON; however, each has its own challenges and advantages. This article presents the set of possible solutions, and puts them into(More)
To allow perception of a continuous world, cortical mechanisms extrapolate missing information with highly constrained predictions about the environment just beyond the edges of a view. Here, we report functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence for extrapolation of scene layout information beyond what was physically presented, an illusion known as(More)
Conductive electrodes and electric circuits that can remain active and electrically stable under large mechanical deformations are highly desirable for applications such as flexible displays, field-effect transistors, energy-related devices, smart clothing and actuators. However, high conductivity and stretchability seem to be mutually exclusive parameters.(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to determine whether there is variability in the foundational literature and across centers in how mean arterial blood pressure is measured to calculate cerebral perfusion pressure. METHODS We reviewed foundational literature and sent an e-mail survey to members of the Neurocritical Care Society. RESULTS Of 32 articles(More)
Load theory predicts that concurrent working memory load impairs selective attention and increases distractor interference (N. Lavie, A. Hirst, J. W. de Fockert, & E. Viding). Here, the authors present new evidence that the type of concurrent working memory load determines whether load impairs selective attention or not. Working memory load was paired with(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY The present study aimed to investigate the effects of Scutellariae radix (SR) and Aloe vera gel (AV), alone or in combination, on levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) and inflammatory cytokines in spontaneous atopic dermatitis(AD)-like skin lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS After spontaneous AD-like skin lesion was developed by adaptation to(More)
Constructing a rich and coherent visual experience involves maintaining visual information that is not perceptually available in the current view. Recent studies suggest that briefly thinking about a stimulus (refreshing) can modulate activity in category-specific visual areas. Here, we tested the nature of such perceptually refreshed representations in the(More)