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Many small devices in a pervasive computing environment have various wireless network interfaces that are used to exchange data for various network services. Recently, those devices usually compose an ad hoc network and communicate with each other without any infrastructure. Several host configuration methods for mobile nodes in a mobile ad hoc network(More)
As many-to-one traffic patterns prevail in data center networks, TCP flows often suffer from severe unfairness in sharing bottleneck bandwidth, which is known as the TCP outcast problem. The cause of the TCP outcast problem is the bursty packet losses by a drop-tail queue that triggers TCP timeouts and leads to decreasing the congestion window. This paper(More)
Soojeon Lee et al. 709 In this paper, we suggest a simple and efficient multipleforwarder-based file distribution method which can work with a tree-based application layer multicast. Existing multiple-forwarder approaches require high control overhead. The proposed method exploits the assumption that receivers join a session at different times. In treebased(More)
In this paper, we suggest a efficient multipleforwarder based file distribution scheme working over a treebased overlay multicast. The proposed scheme takes advantage of a fact that each member joins the session with time interval. In a tree, the set of data delivered from a parent to each member since a member has joined until the next member joins is not(More)
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