Soohyung Kim

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We propose a whole architecture for English to Spanish translation of the texts present on JPEG natural scene images taken with a mobile phone camera. We detect the text using the frequency information of the DCT coefficients, binarize it using a clustering-based algorithm, recognize it by the use of an OCR algorithm and translate and phonetically(More)
This research examines the factors that influence users' adoption of IPTV. Early studies lacked comprehensive approaches to both technological and broadcasting aspects of IPTV adoption. This study basically used Technology Adoption Model (TAM) which has been applied in a variety of studies in the area of IT usage. However, our model incorporates additional(More)
This study aims to find the factors affecting the switching intention of IPTV subscribers. Through literature reviews covering characteristics of IPTV service and theories related to the switching costs, 14 measure items were found. A survey was conducted for empirical test. By online survey 100 sample data were collected and used for analysis. As a result,(More)
This paper proposes an Interactive Control Platform which offers commonly required control functionalities such as terminal control, service session connectivity control, service information exchanging, etc., so that enables more efficient control platform configuration. Also it presents requirements and core functionalities of Interactive Control Platform(More)
In this study, we suggest a framework to make a roadmap for delivering G4C services over IPTV. Various literatures related to electronic government, IPTV and roadmapping methods were reviewed and a case study conducted by European Community was analyzed. Finally, a framework with three key layers such as business goal, target service and technical element(More)
This paper aims to investigate underlying factors of switching costs for current fixed telephone users to adopt the new IP based telephony service, called VoIP. Having a focus on the switching cost in VoIP market, related marketing values such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty will be considered for comprehensive understanding the customers'(More)
In 2002, a Microsoft-MIT iCampus effort was initiated to generate methods and tools which accelerate the process by which students and researchers acquire perspective and skill in compliant mechanism design: (1) Experience and skill: A synthesis tool, CoMeT, was developed as a means for researchers and students to gain experience and skill in working with(More)
A multicast packet is delivered to multiple users after copying in a multicast node, so the multicast Quality of Service (QoS) is based on the performances of all receivers due to copy mechanism. A favorite multicast service is more important than other multicast services because it has more users than others. Therefore, this paper proposes a copy number(More)
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