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Layered assembly structures composed of nanomaterials, such as nanocrystals, have attracted considerable attention as promising candidates for new functional devices whose optical, electromagnetic and electronic behaviours are determined by the spatial arrangement of component elements. However, difficulties in handling each constituent layer in a(More)
The reported photocurrent density (J(SC)) of PbS quantum dot (QD)-sensitized solar cell was less than 19 mA/cm(2) despite the capability to generate 38 mA/cm(2), which results from inefficient electron injection and fast charge recombination. Here, we report on a PbS:Hg QD-sensitized solar cell with an unprecedentedly high J(SC) of 30 mA/cm(2). By Hg(2+)(More)
UV irradiation of trans-resveratrol leads to its photochemical transformation to a new, highly fluorescent compound, whose chemical structure was unambiguously identified. The new compound has large values of fluorescence quantum yield, Stokes' shift, and two-photon absorption cross section, which make it suitable for bio-imaging, multi-color labeling, and(More)
We examined the ultrafast dynamics of photocarriers in nanocrystalline ZnOxNy thin films as a function of compositional variation using femtosecond differential transmittance spectroscopy. The relaxation dynamics of photogenerated carriers and electronic structures are strongly dependent on nitrogen concentration. Photocarriers of ZnOxNy films relax on two(More)
The enhancement in electrical transport properties of exfoliated individual RuO2 NSs was systemically investigated for their application in flexible electronics and optoelectronics. Decoration of Ag NPs on the surface of the RuO2 NSs provides donor electrons and dramatically increases the electrical conductivity of the monolayer RuO2 NSs by up to 3700%. The(More)
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