Soogandhree Naidoo

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South Africa is a developing country with diverse multi-cultural communities, eleven official languages and various infrastructure challenges. Enabling e-government is therefore considered a unique problem. A critical approach in developing a solution entails applying human computer interaction principles to cultural dimensions in South Africa. This paper(More)
Speech was an evolutionary step that shaped the survival strategies of Homo sapiens in numerous ways (Nass & Gong, 2000); as a consequence, the human brain has developed to differentiate between human speech and other acoustic events along several dimensions. Until recently, when speech was heard, the automatic conclusion was that a human had spoken, and(More)
Salinity is of significant economic importance in the sugar industry because it affects the growth rate and sucrose yield of sugarcane. The aims of this study were to assess how various aspects of the physiology of sugarcane are affected by increasing levels of soil salinity during the growing season, and to determine whether or not there are differences in(More)
We report an oblique lip-alveolar band, a rare banding of soft tissue that involves the lip and alveolus, which we have found in five patients with cleft lip and palate (0.2%), compared with an incidence of the Simonartz lip-lip band of 5.7%). To our knowledge this has not been reported previously. In two patients the bands affected the cleft lip and(More)
Telephone-based information services hold tremendous potential as a means of information access in the developing world [5]. However, surprisingly little research has been done on the design of such systems – whether basic Interactive Voice Response systems, or more sophisticated systems using speech recognition and speech synthesis. We report on(More)
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