Soodeh Peyvandi

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Volunteer Computing (VC) is an approach under grid computing which prepares a platform for computer owners around the globe to donate their resources at internet based VC projects like as SETI@home, Folding@hom. Therefore, global desktop grid is a VC that includes hosts who present their resources to solve some kind of CPU, RAM or Disk space-intensive(More)
These days, many scientific projects such as: SETI@home and are using computers which are connected to internet from the entire world in order to run their jobs. This large distributed system is a Volunteer Computing (VC) that includes volunteer hosts. An important attribute of volunteer hosts is the volatile behavior that means often they(More)
Desktop Grid (DG) systems use a combination of geographically heterogeneous distributed resources to execute jobs from science and engineering projects. Organization of the distributed resources are administrated by scheduling policies. To evaluate and prove the effectiveness of DG scheduling policy, a simulator is necessary since DG is an unpredictable and(More)
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