Soobeom Kim

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Although very rare, a few cases of intradural extramedullary (IDEM) spinal tumor migration have been reported since Tomimatsu first reported a mobile schwannoma of the cervical cord in 1974. Schwannoma is a neurogenic tumor which originates from nerve sheath that it is relatively well-marginated tumor with little attachment or adhesion to surrounding(More)
Deep neural networks (DNNs) have recently proved their effectiveness in complex data analyses such as object/speech recognition. As their applications are being expanded to mobile devices, their energy efficiencies are becoming critical. In this paper, we propose a novel concept called big/LITTLE DNN (BL-DNN) which significantly reduces energy consumption(More)
OBJECTIVE TWO FINDINGS EASILY FOUND AT CORONAL SOURCE IMAGES OF MR MYELOGRAPHY (MRM) WERE EVALUATED : dorsal root ganglion (DRG) swelling and running course abnormality (RCA) of L5 exiting root at foramen or extraforamen. We tried to find the sensitivity of each finding when root was compressed. METHODS From 2004 July to 2006, one hundred and ten patients(More)
A benign fibrous histiocytoma (BFH) is one of the fibrohistiocytic groups of soft-tissue tumors for which spinal involvement is extremely rare. To the best of our knowledge, most spine-originating BFHs are bone tumors. We report the first case of BFH occurring in the intraspinal extradural space on the lumbar spine. A 66-year-old female presented with(More)
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