Soo-whang Baek

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This paper proposes a newly structured double excited two-degree-of-freedom (DOF) motor with tilt/pan motion to use in a security camera. For applications in active vision, a tilt/pan mechanism should be accurate, fast, small, inexpensive, and have low power requirements. We have designed a new type of motor meeting these requirements, which incorporates(More)
In this paper, an optimum design for a single-phase line start permanent magnet (LSPM) motor with respect to efficiency, maximum torque, and starting torque is proposed. The design variables, objective functions, and constraints are selected for this optimum design, which is divided into three steps. Step I maximizes the rated efficiency while maintaining a(More)
In this paper, for a single-phase line start permanent magnet (LSPM) motor, a condition for balanced operation is analytically induced to remove a rotor current loss due to unbalanced magnetic field in steady state. To minimize stator loss as well as rotor loss, a condition of minimal stator copper loss is also introduced. Finally a design methodology using(More)
This paper introduces the condition of balanced operation to solve problems caused by an unbalanced magnetic field when a single-phase line start permanent magnet motor operates in steady-state. Using an equivalent circuit on the basis of symmetric field theory, conditions are found for balanced operation at rated conditions and for copper loss minimization(More)
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