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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Most dietary interventions have metabolic effects in the short term, but long-term effects may require dietary fat changes to influence body composition and insulin action. This study assessed the effect of sustained high polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) intake through walnut consumption on metabolic outcomes in type II diabetes. (More)
Deregulated expression of the MYC transcription factor occurs in most human cancers and correlates with high proliferation, reprogrammed cellular metabolism and poor prognosis. Overexpressed MYC binds to virtually all active promoters within a cell, although with different binding affinities, and modulates the expression of distinct subsets of genes.(More)
Chronic myeloid leukemia responds well to therapy targeting the oncogenic fusion protein BCR-ABL1 in chronic phase, but is resistant to treatment after it progresses to blast crisis (BC). BC is characterized by elevated β-catenin signaling in granulocyte macrophage progenitors (GMPs), which enables this population to function as leukemia stem cells (LSCs)(More)
SLE is an autoimmune and polygenic disorder characterized by an accumulation and deposition of immune complexes. Several studies have indicated differential impact of FcgammaR polymorphism genotypes in different ethnic groups studied. The Fc receptor for IgG class IIA gene (FcgammaRIIA) occurs in two allelic forms. The allele FcgammaRIIA-H131 encodes a(More)
OBJECTIVES We have investigated the efficacy of using quantitative fluorescent polymerase chain reaction (QF-PCR) for the prenatal recognition of aneuploidy in chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y. A total of 1115 samples, from mainly southeast Asian patients, were analysed and compared in a blind trial to the results previously obtained cytogenetically. (More)
We report several studies developing a parent-rated measure of emotional distress for children in Singapore, with the key objectives being to derive a very brief valid measure of global distress. The refined item set comprised behaviourally expressed broad manifestations of emotional distress. Three developmental studies were undertaken, with the first two(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Obesity is on the rise and participation in exercise has declined. Domestic household activities may help meet the recommended daily physical activity levels. This study aimed to measure the energy costs of household activities among Asian males. SUBJECTS/METHODS This was a randomised cross-over study conducted in a whole-body(More)
C-abl oncogene 1, nonreceptor tyrosine kinase (ABL1) kinase inhibitors such as imatinib mesylate (imatinib) are effective in managing chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) but incapable of eliminating leukemia stem cells (LSCs), suggesting that kinase-independent pathways support LSC survival. Given that the bone marrow (BM) hypoxic microenvironment supports(More)
AIMS Immunohistochemical detection of the 185-kDa transmembrane glycoprotein product of the proto-oncogene c-erbB-2 (also known as HER-2/neu), located on chromosome 17q21, is a well established method of evaluation in invasive breast cancer. This investigation is currently performed on standard sections cut from the tumour containing paraffin block. It is(More)