Soo-Yeon Ji

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Many organizations transact in large amounts of data often containing personal identifiable information (PII) and various confidential data. Such organizations are bound by state, federal, and international laws to ensure that the confidentiality of both individuals and sensitive data is not compromised. However, during the privacy preserving process, the(More)
Based on the National Vital Statistics Reports 2001, nearly 115,200 lives are cut short annually because of traumatic injuries and many patients who survive traumatic events have to face the future with life-long disabilities that negatively affect them and their families [29]. Moreover, U.S. trauma center reports suggest that the annual death rate, as well(More)
—Although menu systems are commonly adopted as supporting tools in visualization systems, understanding the effectiveness of supporting tools to perform visual analysis is not broadly studied. In this paper, we performed a study to see the effectiveness of implicit and explicit interface tools-interactive iconic tool (Interactive-Icon) and floating(More)
—Monitoring network traffic behavior is very critical for securing computing infrastructures. In this paper, we focus on enhancing the way of detecting anomalous network traffic behaviors by proposing a new two-level detection method that consists of abnormality detection and exact attack type identification. The abnormality detection is performed with the(More)
(a) (b) Figure 1: Overview of InteractionViz. It consists of two windows as a Relation Window (a) and a Transition Window (b). The Relation Window consists of multiple coordinated views to show the relationships between keywords, accounts, and transactions. Experts' findings on transactions are represented in the Relation Window and their overall(More)