Soo-Seong Kim

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We have fabricated the 60 V power MOSFET employing the segmented trench body contact which results in low conduction loss and high avalanche energy (EAS) under undamped inductive switching (UIS) condition without sacrificing the device area. The proposed device employs the CMOS compatible deep Si trench process. The segmented trench body contact suppresses(More)
A vertical GaN Schottky barrier diode (SBD) employing a floating metal ring as an edge termination is described. The breakdown voltage is larger than a device without any termination that has been fabricated on a bulk GaN substrate. Fabricated GaN SBD exhibits a high breakdown voltage of 353 V and very fast reverse recovery characteristics of 28 ns. The(More)
We have reported a lateral GaN SBDs on AlGaN/GaN hetero-junction employing floating metal rings (FMRs) which exhibit a very high breakdown voltage, a low leakage current and a low on-state voltage. We have obtained a very high breakdown voltage of 930V without any additional process step. We have also optimized design parameters of FMR, such as the space(More)
We have investigated ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) properties of GGNMOS (Grounded Gate NMOS), which is fabricated via 0.35µm / 18V logic technology, employing TLP (Transmission Line Pulser) test. Measurement results show that 18V GGNMOS exhibits the snap-back characteristics, which result in the high ESD immunity level of 9.5mA/µm in the(More)
Serious gate oscillation of power MOSFETs under avalanche condition has been observed, degrading an avalanche withstanding capability. Using experiments as well as numerical simulation, it is shown that this gate oscillation in avalanche mode results from the impact ionized hole carrier accumulation on the surface under the gate oxide and the associated(More)
The improvement of self-clamped inductive switching (SCIS) capability of ignition IGBT widely used in automotive coil driver ensures the protection of the ignition IGBT from a severe thermal stress under the abnormal switching condition such as the open secondary. We have proposed and verified a new self-clamping scheme for improving the self-clamped(More)
A fault protection circuit, which detects over-voltage under short circuit fault, of IGBT for the improved undamped inductive switching (UIS) capability using floating p-well is proposed and fabricated. Experimental results show that the proposed circuit successfully exhibits the reduction of collector current under fault condition when the protection(More)
650V superjunction IGBTs have been fabricated. Depending on IGBT structures as well as process conditions, competitive trade-off performances have been observed. V<sub>cesat</sub> of 1.4V and tf around 35 ns at the collector current density of 250A/cm<sup>2</sup> were obtained with the prototype of superjunction FS IGBT. The superjunction NPT IGBT also(More)
We have proposed an optimization method of fault protection circuit, which uses the floating p-well voltage detection, of IGBT by employing a novel blanking filter. The floating p-well capacitor and gate resistor, which filter the false detection during the normal switching period, cause the pull-down MOSFET to lower the gate voltage of the IGBT softly. The(More)
A new protection circuit, which improves the short-circuit withstanding capability of an emitter switched thyristor (EST) is proposed and fabricated. Experimental results show that the EST employing the protection circuit exhibits a high voltage current saturation when the protection circuit reduces the gate voltage. We have also investigated the mechanism(More)