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We propose a universal filtered multicarrier (UFMC) passive optical network for asynchronous multiservices- over-fiber to overcome the limitations of a conventional discrete multitone (DMT). The channel performance in terms of error vector magnitude was compared by adding a timing offset to conventional DMTand UFMC signals. In addition, both signals were(More)
Automatic segmentation of bright-field cell images is important to cell biologists, but is difficult to achieve due to the complex nature of the cells in bright-field images (poor contrast, broken halo, missing boundaries). The standard segmentation techniques, such as the level set method and active contours, are not able to overcome these features of(More)
Multi-band OFDMA PON with windowing technique is proposed for asynchronous multiple access. In the asynchronous multiple access system, frequency orthogonality is not maintained among OFDM bands, and it leads to inter-band interference arisen from OFDM sidelobe. To mitigate this effect, raised cosine window is applied to suppress the sidelobe. The proposed(More)
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