Soo Mie Kim

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BACKGROUND The purpose of our work was to compare a group of patients undergoing transoral robotic surgery (TORS group) for squamous cell carcinoma of the upper aerodigestive tract and a matched group of patients undergoing conventional surgery (conventional surgery group) for the same indication. METHODS In this retrospective single-center study, 26(More)
Recent studies suggest that subjects with hearing loss are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Hearing loss can be consecutive to presbycusis and/or to central auditory dysfunction. Standard audiometric measures (pure tone and speech intelligibility) allow the diagnosis of presbycusis. However, to demonstrate central auditory dysfunction, specific(More)
The management of elderly patients with peripheral arterial disease requires a multidisciplinary and individualized approach, especially for patients requiring intervention and for those on antithrombotic therapy. Communication between the patient's primary physician, consulting medical specialists, and vascular surgeon is essential because all may(More)
Weapon injuries with spear gun are rare. The aim of this case report is to report the emergency and surgical management when this event occurs. A 35-year-old man attempted suicide with a spear gun. The entry of the shaft was localized through the submental area without an obvious exit point. The projectile passed through the tongue and palatal bone. A(More)
A randomized prospective study was performed on the anesthetic induction, maintenance, and recovery characteristics of sevoflurane-nitrous oxide, compared to that of target- controlled propofol and fentanyl anesthesia, for forty day-case hysteroscopic surgery. The patients in the sevoflurane group (n = 20) received sevoflurane-nitrous oxide for both(More)
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