Soo‐Joo Lee

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Neuregulin-1 (NRG1) plays important roles in the development and plasticity of the brain, and it is also reported to have potent neuroprotective properties. We previously reported that NRG1 has neuroprotective actions against Swedish amyloid precursor protein-induced neurotoxicity. In addition to the amyloid beta peptide, other metabolites of amyloid(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In order to improve inter-rater reliability and minimize diagnosis of undetermined etiology for stroke subtype classification, using a stroke registry, we developed and implemented a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based algorithm for acute ischemic stroke subtype classification (MAGIC). METHODS We enrolled patients who experienced(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental studies suggest that pre-stroke statin treatment has a dual effect of neuroprotection during ischemia and neurorestoration after ischemic injury. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of pre-stroke statin use on initial stroke severity and early clinical outcome. METHODS We used a prospective database enrolling patients(More)
BACKGROUND One third of patients presenting with initially mild strokes have unfavorable outcomes, and the efficacy of intravenous thrombolysis (IVT) in this population has not been proven. This study aimed to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of standard care with IVT versus without IVT in mild stroke patients. METHODS AND RESULTS Using a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In a recent pooled analysis of randomized clinical trials (RCTs), intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) improves the outcome in patients aged ≥80 years. However, it is uncertain whether the findings are applicable to clinical practice in Asian populations. METHODS From a multicenter stroke registry database of Korea, we(More)
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