Soo Jeon

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Mechanisms for orienting toward and locating an odor source are sought in both biology and engineering. Chemical ecology studies have demonstrated that adult female sea lamprey show rheotaxis in response to a male pheromone with dichotomous outcomes: sexually mature females locate the source of the pheromone whereas immature females swim by the source and(More)
— Conservation laws in nature correspond to symmetries of related physical systems (Noether's theorem). Conservation of momentum, for instance, can be interpreted by the symmetric property of a certain motion variable known as the cyclic variable. If a symmetry-breaking force such as a dissipative force or the gravitational force, is applied to the cyclic(More)
—A new cylindrical capacitive sensor (CCS) design for the displacement measurement of precision active magnetic bearing (AMB) spindle is presented in this paper. This research is motivated by the problem that the existing 4-segment CCS is still sensitive to the third harmonic component of the geometric errors of a rotor. The procedure of designing a new CCS(More)
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