Soo-In Lee

Sang-Choon Lee2
Beom-Seok Park2
2Sang-Choon Lee
2Beom-Seok Park
2Jung Sun Kim
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Genome wide transcription analysis in response to stresses is essential to provide the basis of effective engineering strategies to improve stress tolerance in crop plants. In order to perform transcriptome analysis in Brassica rapa, we constructed a B. rapa oligo microarray, KBGP-24K, using sequence information from approximately 24,000 unigenes and(More)
BACKGROUND The species Brassica rapa includes important vegetable and oil crops. It also serves as an excellent model system to study polyploidy-related genome evolution because of its paleohexaploid ancestry and its close evolutionary relationships with Arabidopsis thaliana and other Brassica species with larger genomes. Therefore, its genome sequence will(More)
A method for testing multi-protocol implementation under test (IUT) with a single test suite has been proposed in the literature. It tests a multi-protocol IUT in an integrated way compared to the conventional method, where single-layer test method and single-layer embedded test method are applied separately to the upper layer protocol and lower layer(More)
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