Soo-Hyun Ryu

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This paper proposes a path planner for a humanoid robot to enhance its performance in terms of the human-robot interaction perspective. From the human point of view, the proposed method uses the time index that can generate a path that humans feel to be natural. In terms of the robot, the proposed method yields a waypoint-based path, the simplicity of which(More)
In indoor environments, there exists a few distinctive indoor spaces' features (ISFs). However, up to our knowledge, there is no algorithm that fully utilizes ISF for accurate 3-D SLAM. In this letter, we suggest a sensor system that efficiently captures ISF and propose an algorithm framework that accurately estimates sensor's 3-D poses by utilizing ISF.(More)
Analysis on causes of inconsistency of Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) is mentioned in this paper. The effect of noise models and observation models on the inconsistent behavior of EKF SLAM was examined. In addition, the effect of registration of the false landmarks on inconsistent behavior of the EKF SLAM is(More)
The main topic of this paper is to develop a new RGB-Depth sensor system with 2Dimensional Field of View (2D FoV) to build a 3D realistic map. Through analyzing pros and cons of existing sensors, we found to the requirements. They are 2D FoV, sensing more than 10 meters distance, eye-safe and eye-invisible. To configure the system to meet these conditions,(More)
In this paper we analyze the differences in the EKF-SLAM frameworks that are constructed using different coordinate system. First, we derive the EKF equations in the world coordinate system through modification of the EKF equations in the robot coordinate system. When the reference coordinate system is changed, the equations change due to its nonlinear(More)
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