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CDN does not calculate connections between infra networks and user networks by increasing physical network. Instead, CDN decentralizes bottlenecked data traffics or contents to main parts of Internet network. By this, an amount of traffics passing through middle-mile of complicated Internet is decreased and CP (contents provider)'s server loads are reduced(More)
The existing risk propagation models are limited and inadequate in analyzing cyber attacks caused by various threats in information systems, because it has focus on only a specific threat such as a virus or a worm. Therefore, risk propagation model based on the Markov process is proposed, which can be applied to diverse threats in information systems. The(More)
Although Jabber started from the instance messaging protocol, it became one of the most important toolkits for developing distributed applications. The existing Jabber authentication model doesn't support a mechanism to enable a client to access the servers in another domain directly. This limitation causes data duplication and synchronization problems in(More)
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