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The growing popularity of traditional Korean alcoholic beverages has led to a demand for quality enhancement of the traditional starter culture nuruk, which consists primarily of wheat. Therefore, this study focused on mycoflora characterization and the temporal variations in traditional wheat-based nuruks fermented at two representative traditional(More)
The emerging global importance of Korea’s alcoholic beverages emphasizes the need for quality enhancement of nuruk, a traditional Korean cereal starter that is used extensively in traditional brewing. Apart from fungi and yeasts, bacteria known to be ubiquitously present are also a part of the nuruk ecosystem and are known to influence fermentation activity(More)
The brewing of makgeolli, one of Korea’s most popular alcoholic beverages that is gaining popularity globally, is facilitated by nuruk, a traditional Korean cereal starter. The nuruk microbiome greatly influences the fermentation process as well as the nutritional, hygienic, and aromatic qualities of the product. This study is a continuation of our efforts(More)
Wine yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae D8) and non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts (Hanseniaspora uvarum S6 and Issatchenkia orientalis KMBL5774) were studied using air-blast drying instead of the conventional drying methods (such as freeze and spray drying). Skim milk—a widely used protective agent—was used and in all strains, the highest viabilities following(More)
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