Soo Chung Hong

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Building on the Ramsey–de Finetti idea of event exchangeability, we derive a characterization of probabilistic sophistication without requiring any of the various versions of monotonicity, continuity, or comparative likelihood assumptions imposed by Savage (1954), Machina and Schmeidler (1992), and Grant (1995). Our characterization identifies a unique and(More)
Surgical training models should be readily available to enable practice in vitro until the trainee is comfortable with the procedure. It is also important that the anatomy of the training model sufficiently resembles that of humans. Here, we present our model for training surgeons to fabricate costal cartilage for total ear reconstruction, using porcine rib(More)
In this article, we present two cases of femoral pseudoaneurysm (PA) at the femoral arterial puncture site followed by necrotizing fasciitis, which is rare but can be fatal when not managed appropriately. PA was revealed by lower-extremity angiography and color-flow Doppler ultrasonography. Hematoma removal, thrombolysis, and bleeder ligation with Gelfoam(More)
The os centrale carpi is a relatively rare accessory carpal bone. It is located in the carpus among the capitate, a scaphoid, and trapezoid bones. This rare anomaly is believed to represent a remnant of a separate ossification center present in the human embryo at 6 weeks of gestation that normally fuses with the scaphoid. It seem to occur as isolated(More)
In efforts to solve blepharochalasis, the problem of droopy eyelids that happens as people age, various surgical methods have been developed and disclosed over the years. Among them, classical upper blepharoplasty, the most fundamental procedure, involves excision of redundant eyelid skin in the upper palpebrae [1-4]. This operation utilizes an approach(More)
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