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  • S K Chang
  • 1996
This paper introduces the active index for content-based medical image retrieval. The dynamic nature of the active index is its most important characteristic. With an active index, we can effectively and efficiently handle smart images that respond to accessing, probing and other actions. The main applications of the active index are to prefetch image and(More)
The Multimedia Data Schema (MDS) of a Distributed Multimedia System (DMS) speciies the properties of the multimedia objects (MMOs), the properties of set of objects as a whole, and the temporal relations between the objects. The Multimedia Communications Schema (MCS) of a DMS is derived from the MDS by adding communication and synchronization requirements.(More)
We describe an experimental message management system which consists of three modules: the message manager, the message filter, and the adaptive protocol handler. The message manager utilizes a relational database for message management. To control message traffic in an office information system, the message filter determines whether the full message is to(More)
An architecture for query execution and interactive query refinement on heterogeneous data from spatially distributed sensors is proposed. The objective is to define a system in which it is always possible to add new data sources and new algorithms for data processing and user query execution. The query language that forms the basis for query formulation is(More)
Multimedia software engineering (MSE) is a new frontier for both software engineering (SE) and visual languages (VL). In fact, multimedia software engineering can be considered as the discipline for systematic specification, design, substitution, and verification of visual patterns. Visual languages contribute to MSE such concepts as: Visual notation for(More)
This paper is concerned with the definition of simplified fractional Hartley transform. In this paper we have given definitions and inverse of simplified fractional Hartley transform in section 2. Also we have given application of the simplified fractional Hartley transform in section 3. INTRODUCTION: The Fractional Fourier transform is a powerful tool for(More)
—In this paper, we propose a geometric modeling of illumination on the patterned image containing etching transistor. This image is captured by a commercial camera during the inspection of a TFT-LCD panel. Inspection of defect is an important process in the production of LCD panel, but the regional difference in brightness, which has a negative effect on(More)
A modular design approach for a database system is presented in this paper. We require that every database file be self-descriptive and every program module be self-contained. To improve access efficiency and database security, database decomposition is also considered. Based upon this approach, IRAIN - a relational database system is designed and(More)