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Hanwoo (Korean cattle) is the native, taurine type of cattle breed of Korea and its history as a draft animal dates back to 5000 Years. In earlier times Hanwoo was used extensively for farming, transportation. Over the period of time, Hanwoo has changed to be meat type cattle. Full-scale production of Hanwoo as meat-type cattle has occurred since 1960s with(More)
BACKGROUND In vitro maturation (IVM) of mammalian oocytes is divided into the GV (germinal vesicle stage), MI (metaphase I stage) and MII (metaphase II stage) stages, and only fully mature oocytes have acquired the ability to be fertilized and initiate zygotic development. These observations have been mostly based on morphological evaluations, but the(More)
Differentially regulated proteins within porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT)-derived conceptuses were compared with conceptuses that were derived from natural matings on day 14 of pregnancy. Proteins that were expressed prominently on day 14 were identified in SCNT-derived conceptuses using 2-D PAGE and MALDI-TOF MS. Sixty eight proteins were(More)
A herd of Berkshire pigs was established in 2003 and subjected to selection without introduction of any genetic resources until 2007. The complete pedigree, including 410 boars and 916 sows, as well as the records from 5,845 pigs and 822 litters were used to investigate the results obtained from the selections. The index of selection for breeding values(More)
BACKGROUND Somatic cell nuclear transfer (scNT)-derived piglets have high rates of mortality, including stillbirth and postnatal death. Here, we examined severe malformed umbilical cords (MUC), as well as other organs, from nine scNT-derived term piglets. RESULTS Microscopic analysis revealed complete occlusive thrombi and the absence of columnar(More)
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