Sonyun Rizzo

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Hot water infusions of flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and stalks or bark of Moringa oleifera were screened to detect three pharmacologic activities in experimental models in rats. The antispasmodic activity was demonstrated using isolated duodenum, oral anti-inflammatory activity by carrageenan-induced hindpaw edema and oral diuretic activity by urine output(More)
The cardiovascular and respiratory reflex effects brought on by the infection into the femoral artery of bradyquinine and of hypertonic sodium chloride solutions and by rhythmic muscular work and muscular work of tetanic type induced by low and high frequency electrostimulation in the muscles have been investigated in the rear extremity anaesthetized(More)
The effects of periodic changes in the external potassium concentration on chromosome structure and morphology of HeLa cells are reported. The observed cellular modifications seem to be directly related to changes in the ratio of external to internal potassium levels.