Sonya Soohoo

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OBJECTIVE To determine associations between older adults' baseline painful medical conditions and their 10-year drinking behavior, and whether personal and life context characteristics moderate these associations. METHODS At baseline, then, 1, 4, and 10 years later, late-middle-aged community residents (M = 61 years; N = 1,291) were surveyed regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether (a) late-life pain predicts growth in older adults' use of alcohol, and elevated risk of drinking problems; and (b) sociodemographic characteristics moderate these relationships. METHOD Five times over an 8-year interval, N = 5,446 Health and Retirement Study (HRS) participants provided information about their pain and(More)
Justine J. Reel and Sonya SooHoo are with the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. E-mail: Holly Doetsch is with the Department of Nutrition at the University of Utah; Jennifer E. Carter is with the Department of Family Medicine at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Trent A.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine effects of late-middle-aged adults' baseline drinking behavior on their subsequent 10-year depressive symptom trajectories. METHOD Health and Retirement Study participants (N = 7,939) were assessed on baseline demographic, health, and drinking characteristics, and biennially assessed for the next 10 years on their depressive(More)
In 2011, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) began implementing consistent staff assignment in its nursing homes (called Community Living Centers or CLCs). Consistent assignment, a cornerstone of culture change, minimizes the number of staff who provide a resident's care. The present research assessed the level and stability of consistent assignment in(More)
OBJECTIVE Effective pain assessment and pain treatment are key goals in community nursing homes, but residents' psychiatric disorders may interfere with attaining these goals. This study addressed whether (1) pain assessment and treatment obtained by nursing home residents with psychiatric disorders differs from that obtained by residents without(More)
Due to pressures within the sport environment, such as from coaches, teammates, uniforms and judges, female athletes may develop unhealthy eating practices to lose weight or change their body size/shape to become more competitive and meet societal and sport-related physique ideals. However, up until the development of the Weight Pressures in Sport for(More)
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