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The IEEE 802. 15. 6 is a new communication standard on Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) for short-range, wireless communications in the vicinity of, or inside a human body. It is used for medical and non-medical applications. The IEEE 802. 15. 6 draft defines a Medium Access Control (MAC) layer compatible with several Physical layers (PHY), it also(More)
For many years, the HCI community has harbored a vision of interacting with intelligent, embodied computer agents. However, the reality of this vision remains elusive. From an interaction design perspective, little is known about how to specifically design an embodied agent to support the task it will perform and the social interactions that will result.(More)
The rate of donations made by individuals is relatively low in Korea when compared to other developed countries. To address this problem, we propose the DONA, an urban donation motivating robot prototype. The robot roams around in a public space and solicits donation from passers-by by engaging them through a pet like interaction. In this paper, we present(More)
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