Sony Suharsono

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Cytoplasmic male sterility in plants is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. We have proposed that a nuclear-encoded chimeric peptide formed by mitochondrial sequences when imported into the mitochondria may impair organelle function and induce male sterility in plants. A model developed to test this hypothesis is reported here. Assuming that the(More)
Various systems of anther and microspore cultures were studied to establish an efficient doubled haploid production method for Indonesian hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). A shed-microspore culture protocol was developed which outperformed all the previously reported methods of haploid production in pepper. The critical factors of the protocol are: selection(More)
Jatropha curcas L. (Jatropha) is a promising plant for the production of biodiesel in arid regions. To improve its productivity, it is important to understand the molecular functions of key genes in Jatropha, and to seek ways to modify important agronomic traits of Jatropha via molecular breeding. However, Jatropha is notorious for its recalcitrance to(More)
Flowers of tobacco transformed with an unedited copy of the mitochondrial atp9 gene sequence fused to the yeast coxIV mitochondrial targeting presequence, showed several anther abnormalities leading to pollen abortion. The gene was expressed in vegetative and reproductive tissues of the plant. Cytological analysis revealed that tapetum development was(More)
Ethylene response factor 1 (ERF1) is an essential integrator of the jasmonate and ethylene signalling pathways coordinating a large number of genes involved in plant defences. Its orthologue in Hevea brasiliensis, HbERF-IXc5, has been assumed to play a major role in laticifer metabolism and tolerance to harvesting stress for better latex production. This(More)
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