Sonoko Kawamura

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S-Modulin is suggested to increase the light sensitivity of rods by inhibiting phosphorylation of light-activated rhodopsin (Rh*) at high Ca2+ concentrations. The inhibition of rhodopsin phosphorylation was almost constant over a wide range of the Rh*/S-modulin ratio (10(-4)-approximately 10[1]). A 125I-labeled cross-linker that had been conjugated with(More)
Ypt6p, the yeast homologue of mammalian Rab6, is involved in the multiple processes regulated by membrane trafficking such as vacuole maturation and membrane protein recycling. Although several lines of evidence suggest that Ypt6p is possibly localized to multiple membrane compartments, the precise localization of endogenous Ypt6p remains to be elucidated.(More)
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