Sonoe Watanabe

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The Pax6 gene plays crucial roles in eye development and encodes a transcription factor containing both a paired domain and a homeodomain. During embryogenesis, Pax6 is expressed in restricted tissues under the direction of distinct cis-regulatory regions. The head surface ectoderm-specific enhancer of mouse Pax6 directs reporter expression in the(More)
The evolutionarily conserved INO80 family of ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling enzymes has roles in many nuclear processes, including transcription, DNA repair, and DNA replication. Here, we discuss the in vivo and in vitro properties of these enzymes, focusing on recent studies which suggest that members of this family govern the deposition and removal of(More)
The 5' end of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) genome encodes structural proteins of the virion. The first gene encodes a highly basic core protein. Immediately downstream of the core gene are regions which encode the envelope proteins (E1 and E2) of the virus. Artificial expression and secretion of immunologically active envelope proteins have proven to be a(More)
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