Sonjoy Das

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A maximum entropy (MaxEnt) based probabilistic approach is developed to model mechanical systems characterized by symmetric positive-definite matrices bounded from below and above. These matrices are typically encountered in the constitutive modeling of heterogeneous materials, where the bounds are deduced by employing the principles of minimum(More)
The Fisher information matrix (FIM) is a critical quantity in several aspects of mathematical modeling, including input selection, model selection, and confidence region calculation. For example, the determinant of the FIM is the main performance metric for choosing input values in a scientific experiment with the aims of achieving the most accurate(More)
— In this paper, we generalize our random matrix based (RM-based) uncertainty model for manipulator Jacobian matrix to the dynamic model of the robotic systems. Conventional random variable based (RV-based) schemes require a detailed knowledge of the system parameters variation and may be not able to fully characterize the uncertainties of the complex(More)
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