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Cancer therapy studies using proton accelerators are underway in several major medical centers in the U.S., Russia, Japan and elsewhere. To facilitate dosimetry intercomparisons between these laboratories, alanine-based detectors produced at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and commercially available radiochromic films were studied for(More)
In Thun, Switzerland, a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) for Cr(VI) reduction by gray cast iron was installed in May 2008. The PRB is composed of a double array of vertical piles containing iron shavings and gravel. The aquifer in Thun is almost saturated with dissolved oxygen and the groundwater flow velocities are ca. 10-15m/day. Two years after PRB(More)
NMR and CD spectroscopy have been used to examine the conformation of the peptide, beta(12-28), (VHHQKLVFFAEDVGSNK) in aqueous and 60% TFE / 40% H2O solution at pH 2.4. In 60% TFE solution, the peptide is helical as confirmed by the CD spectrum and by the pattern of the NOE cross peaks detected in the NOESY spectrum of the peptide. In aqueous solution, the(More)
New and aspiring investigators often ask the same questions of experts as proposals are formulated, written, and submitted to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for peer review. The NLM's Division of Extramural Programs (EP) provides support to medical libraries, academic medical centers, individuals, and industry through numerous types of grants and(More)
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