Sonja Stendera

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The present review with focus on the last decade (2000–2010) aims to (i) collecting the major hypotheses explaining freshwater biodiversity patterns, (ii) identifying the main stressors affecting freshwater biodiversity, and (iii) revealing information gaps regarding ecosystem types, organism groups, spatial and temporal scales to highlight research needs(More)
Climate change is expected to cause an increased frequency of extreme events such as heavy floods and major storms. Such stochastic events have an immediate impact on surface water quality, but the long-term effects are largely unknown. In this study, we assess long-term monitoring data from two Swedish headwater catchments affected by extreme weather(More)
The variability in surface water chemistry within and between aquatic ecosystems is regulated by many factors operating at several spatial and temporal scales. The importance of geographic, regional-, and local-scale factors as drivers of the natural variability of three water chemistry variables representing buffering capacity and the importance of(More)
Stendera, S. 2005. Spatiotemporal Variability of Chemistry and Biota in Boreal Surface Waters. A Multiscale Analysis of Patterns and Processes. This thesis focuses on the assessment of spatial and temporal patterns of freshwater communities in relation to spatial variability and changes of the abiotic environment (i.e. water chemistry). The importance of(More)
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